It's Navy Baby - Crossbody Bag Strap

It's Navy Baby - Crossbody Bag Strap

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We all have that beloved classic! The one that willnever go out of style and that you know you always can lean on to dress in style. Feel free to jaazz it up - Re-invent your goodies and Retach to your forever favourites.

Up your blacks or edge your blues - why not add some shine?

This is It’s Navy Baby Crossbody bag strap Edition. The style comes in two different widths and lengths to fit your individual style. Embrace Individuality!

Sizing and measurement

This strap come in 2 different lengths and widths.. To choose the right one for you, find your preferred placement of your bag, and take your own measure diagonal across yourself. Finding your perfect match depends on your style and your individual look - so feel free to choose the one that fit you the best.

Wide: 4 cm/ 110 cm or 95 cm

Narrow: 3 cm/ 95 cm

Production details:
Produced in Portugal


  • Base Leather

  • Wool

  • Leather details

  • Carabins

Hook Colour:
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Striped navy blue and black bag strap that will make your bag and outfit stand out, feel alive and fun.

Leather Quality Bag Strap