The RETACH Shopper bag

The RETACH Shopper bag


We’re happy to offer a simple and easy shopper bag perfect for your everyday stuff. Made in super soft material it’s also the perfect extra foldable bag to take with you. Our RETACH Shopper bag is made out of recycled leather to give you a more sustainable product.

What can you fit without cramping your style:

  • Computer up to 15”

  • Gym clothes

  • Beach wear

  • Extra heels for going out or those extra sneakers to dance all night

  • In general your all-day necessities

And of course - it's retachable so you can add your favourite strap to it!

Size: 40 cm high and 35 cm wide

Made in Portugal
Designed in Sweden

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Black shopper bag made from recycled leather. Perfect for your everyday carry-ons.

Black Shopper Bag